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Test: how are you maintaining your relationship

Category: Relationship

Description: you can know the mistakes in your relationship

Keywords: love, relationship, mistakes, qarrels, girls, boys, girl friends, boy friends

what will you do when your partner gets hurt on you?

keep quite say sorry kiss and cool her go according to their mentality

what will you do if you have scolded your partner with bad words?

ask them for another chance let you continue the flow beg for sorry keep quite and stay away

what will you do when your partner wont say sorry at all after even knowing that their's mistake

ask them to say sorry first keep on saying sorry first, keeping the ego away hit them leave them

if your partner is not loving you, what will you do

force them make them to love you leave them make them to leave you

what will you do when you came to know that your partner is a psycho?

you too turned up a psycho path for getting to know them how is it educate them accordingly leave them show to a doctor