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Test: have you moved on?

Category: Relationship

Description: do you still long for your ex or are you done with them?

Keywords: Breakups

Relevant Website: relationships.com

have you seen them since the breakup?

Yes No

Talked since you broke up?

Yes No

do you think you have moved on?

Yes No

did you love them?

I loved them I was in love with them... I think I just liked them no I didn't love them

you still think of them?

True False

were you happy in your relationship?

Yes No

if you could go back to them, would you?

duh! yes no hell no idk

who broke up with who?

I broke up with them they broke up with me mutual I don't even know

they come across your mind alot

True False

do you still love them?

Yes No

believe they could have been the one?

nah maybe yea I do

still friends?

Yes No

how did you feel when you saw them?

happy, they looked so good. I was nervous and had butterflies disgusted I didn't care

why did you break up?

they cheated I cheated Unhappy fighting he/she ****ed me off other