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Test: What's the chances of getting back with your ex?

Category: Relationship

Description: Here's the chances of getting your ex back!

Keywords: Relationship

Relevant Website: sometests.com

Was your relationship serious?

Yes No

Be honest with yourself... If you only had the chance to get your ex back by changing, would you do it?

Yes No Maybe

How much do you miss them?

Quite a lot A lot Not a lot I don't miss them at all

How long were you together for?

A couple of weeks A few months A few years A couple of days

What did your ex say to you when you broke up?

"I think it's for the best" "I don't love you anymore" "We were never right for each other" "I don't want to be with you anymore"

Who broke up with who?

I broke up with them They broke up with me It was mutual

Did your ex seem happy in the relationship?

Yes No

When your ex sees you, what do they do?

They look at me and then they look down at their feet They blush and look away They walk away from you They smile at you and wave

If you talk to your ex now, what's one of the things that they're most likely to say to you?

"Okay" "I'm sorry" "Cool" "I hate you"

Is your ex seeing someone else?

Yes No I don't know

You can choose more than one option for this one: What things did you mostly do together?

Watch films Cuddle Argue Make out Play games Go for walks

Do they respond to your messages with short sentences?

Sometimes Yes No Depends

Has your ex ever said they miss you?

Yes No

Think about it... Do you really want your ex back?

Yes No

When did you break up?

Today Yesterday A week ago (or weeks) A few months ago A couple of years ago

Have you given your ex their stuff back?

Yes No Some of it

Do they try to call you?

Sometimes Yes No

If they call you, what do they call you about?

Why things went wrong in our relationship That they're seeing someone else They don't want me to contact them again They don't call me

Were you happy in the relationship?

Yes No

Have you done anything intimate recently?

Yes No

Would you say this is true or false?: You had a lot in common.

True False

Has your ex given you your stuff back?

Yes No Some of it

Do you every try to contact them?

Not really Only if I need to Yes No

Last question... Did either of you cheat?

We both cheated I cheated They cheated We never cheated

Do you talk to each other?

Yes No Not really but sometimes