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Test: True lesbo girls only

Category: Relationship

Description: Find out if u lesbo


Would I be happy with a girl

Nope I'd break up with her I guess Meh I would need a man too Yep we'd have the happiest life ever

What type of body features would u want to have (doesn't count for score)

Smooth skin Bright smile Beautiful eyes Fluffy hair Amazing vision Cute cheeks Looks amazing in makeup Straberry smell

What do you think your sexuality is

Lesbian Gay Queer Trans Asexual Heterosexual

Would you be happy if a girl made out with u

Very HaPPy?? Yea?? Kinda?? Nope ??

Who would you rather live your whole life with

HOT man HOT woman Neither Both

if a girl missed you full on the lips you would feel

Amazed and made out with her Disgusted A little grossed out but liked it GROSSED out Wining shot?? Bleh

If u got the chance to be with a perfect girl and she liked you, would you have sex

Oh my GOD yessss I love girls mmmmmm That sounds fun Nope I think thats straight up gross We will need a man

Do you think girls are cute or gross

It depends.... I love them anyway If there lesbo there mine BLEH I just don't like girls

Do you like/where long nails

No it's LESBIAN CODE duh Small Medium Large


Dirty talk meow