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Test: True lesbo girls only

Category: Relationship

Description: Find out if u lesbo


Do you think girls are cute or gross

It depends.... I love them anyway If there lesbo there mine BLEH I just don't like girls

Would you be happy if a girl made out with u

Very HaPPy?? Yea?? Kinda?? Nope ??

if a girl missed you full on the lips you would feel

Amazed and made out with her Disgusted A little grossed out but liked it GROSSED out Wining shot?? Bleh

Would I be happy with a girl

Nope I'd break up with her I guess Meh I would need a man too Yep we'd have the happiest life ever

What do you think your sexuality is

Lesbian Gay Queer Trans Asexual Heterosexual

Do you like/where long nails

No it's LESBIAN CODE duh Small Medium Large

If u got the chance to be with a perfect girl and she liked you, would you have sex

Oh my GOD yessss I love girls mmmmmm That sounds fun Nope I think thats straight up gross We will need a man

Who would you rather live your whole life with

HOT man HOT woman Neither Both

What type of body features would u want to have (doesn't count for score)

Smooth skin Bright smile Beautiful eyes Fluffy hair Amazing vision Cute cheeks Looks amazing in makeup Straberry smell


Dirty talk meow