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Category: Relationship

Description: R U A GAY/LESBO BEAST


r u friends wit a gay/lesbo person

Yes No idk

have u ever seen porn befor the age 10

Yes No

have you ever had sex wit another man/girl

Yes No maby both

r u a lover or a fighter in the bed

Yes No maby

have u ever wanted 2 have sex wit ur gay best friend because he/she can eat u out good

True False maby

have u ever had a dream and u ****ed ur best friend (b truthful no one will no)

Yes No last night how did u no

r u into sex on the beach or at the school dance

dance beach both

have u evre walkd in on ur best friend or sister having sex and got turned on

Yes No maby

have u ever ate ****/pussy befor

Yes No

if so have they ever seen ur ****/pussy

Yes No idk maby on the low