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Test: Should I ask her out? (Guys Only)

Category: Relationship

Description: For Confused Guys


Do you flirt with her?

Yes Sometimes DUHHHHH... that's why I like her No

How would you ask her out?

Tell a friend Myself in person Keep it to myself Email or text her

Do ya'll have the same personality?

Yes IDK i don't talk to her Kinda Not at all

How much do you like her?

A LOT I don't i just want her body Kinda Not at all i just wanted to take this test for fun

Are the type of guy to walk her to her classes or her house?

Yes No

How long do you think this relationship will last?

1 week 1 month Months Forever Year Day

Would have sex with her?

Everyday Not untill shes ready for my **** :P I don't believe in sex before marriage Whenever and Wherever I can

What do you like most about her?

Looks Personality Looks and Personality BREASTS!

Do you talk to her?

No... I'm shy :( Yes Sometimes We only **** each other

Will you celebrate your month aversaries?

Yes No


I’m scared I want her to **** ** ****!! So badly I LOVE HER l
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I Ask Her Out


Quz Suld How Qui