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Test: Hottest test

Category: Relationship

Description: Are you the HOTTEST of the HOTTEST


Do you like yourself

Yes No Meh Way beyond worse Hmmph

Do you like you name

Meh it's not bad I love it my parents have it to me Cool I hate it

What do your siblings treat you like

I don't have siblings They get on my nerves They beat me up and call me mean names They treat me respectfully and I get my own space What does this have to do with prettiness

When you look in the mirror what do you think

I look great FOOOOOOOOOOOD I need a bath I hate myself I'm fine

Do you get to do things I like to do

Not often My parents are to busy Most of the time Always

When you where little did people call u cute

Yea sometimes Rarely All the time it gets annoying Never