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Test: Friends foes or lovers?

Category: Relationship

Description: A vid involving you best friend. if you feel that way for em

Keywords: Friends lovers foes

Relevant Website: www.Youtube.com/user/purplepuppy907

Your enemy knows your crush is Alergic to ____ and feeds it to him/her secretly, what do you do the the B*&@#?

easy, beat her up. quickly see if your crush is okay, then kill her care for your crush only care for your crush and beat her up at the same time.

you notice your friend talks about sex a lot, and he's a virgin, then he talks about him losing it, what do you do?

Cry in the bathroom cry in front of him say "Good job man! wish i was there." you where the girl.

You see a girl going up to your boyfriend, and its your best friend. you never told her you two where dating, but she kisses him anyway. do you blame her?

Yes No

You love your crush so much that they love you, do you...

Elope (get married secretly) date friends with benifits (; see if things workout.

a hot guy kissed you, and your crush see's it, he starts to cry and he gets a new gf, what do you do?

Apoligize, he's sypathetic. go out with the hotter guy cheat i have a choice?!?

You talk to your crush through a private message online, and you two talk a lot know, and you open up to each other a little. do you like him/her?

yes no ... dont tell but yeah!


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