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Test: Camille

Category: Relationship

Description: Am I pretty ?

Keywords: Quiz pretty cool poupolor

What does the "popular kids" do when you pass them

I AM the populor kids Smile politely Say something rude Ignore you

Do you paint your nails often?

Yes No

What is your favorite kind of shoe????

Boot Sneaker Sandal High-heels

Do you where glasses/braces?

Yes No

Where are you on a Friday night

Alone at home With a few of my friends PARTYING Sleeping

How many friends do you have

The whole school!!!!!!! 7-5 4-1 NONE

What kind of clothes do you where?

Trendy Sloppy Boyish T-shirt

What is your favorite color?

Pink Blue Yellow None of the above

Do you consider yourself to be pretty?

Yes No

Are you smart?

Yes No

Do you were makeup

Yes No Sometimes

Do you like pets?

Yes No

People like you

True False