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Test: Camille

Category: Relationship

Description: Am I pretty ?

Keywords: Quiz pretty cool poupolor

Do you were makeup

Yes No Sometimes

What kind of clothes do you where?

Trendy Sloppy Boyish T-shirt

What does the "popular kids" do when you pass them

I AM the populor kids Smile politely Say something rude Ignore you

How many friends do you have

The whole school!!!!!!! 7-5 4-1 NONE

What is your favorite kind of shoe????

Boot Sneaker Sandal High-heels

What is your favorite color?

Pink Blue Yellow None of the above

Do you where glasses/braces?

Yes No

Do you like pets?

Yes No

People like you

True False

Do you consider yourself to be pretty?

Yes No

Where are you on a Friday night

Alone at home With a few of my friends PARTYING Sleeping

Are you smart?

Yes No

Do you paint your nails often?

Yes No