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Test: Are you and your bf/gr/ meant for eachother?

Category: Relationship

Description: idk i was bored n yea...

Keywords: gay lesbian fag dumby

How much do you tell your bf/gf u love them?

Never Like all the time OMG i dont remember Like 2 seconds ago

Have you ever cheated on him?

Yes No

Are you always around him?

Yes No

Do you like someone else?

Yes No

Are you gay?

Yes No

Is there a song that you n ur bf/gf said was "our song"?

Yes No

Do you think about someone else when your with him/her?

Umm yeaaa No Yes Like all the time dude

Has he ever cheated on you?

Yes No I dont know

Are you bi-sexual?

Yes No

Do you love her/him?

Yes No