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Test: Are you and your bf/gr/ meant for eachother?

Category: Relationship

Description: idk i was bored n yea...

Keywords: gay lesbian fag dumby

Are you always around him?

Yes No

Has he ever cheated on you?

Yes No I dont know

Do you think about someone else when your with him/her?

Umm yeaaa No Yes Like all the time dude

Do you like someone else?

Yes No

Have you ever cheated on him?

Yes No

Do you love her/him?

Yes No

Are you gay?

Yes No

Is there a song that you n ur bf/gf said was "our song"?

Yes No

How much do you tell your bf/gf u love them?

Never Like all the time OMG i dont remember Like 2 seconds ago

Are you bi-sexual?

Yes No