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Test: do you know your space?

Category: Professional

Description: this test will have some hard questions and some easy ones.


how many moons does pluto have?

0 2 1 5

what is the biggest star in the known universe?

all stars are the same sive the sun VY canis majoris bettlegease

what is the biggest known object inside the universe?

LQG (large quasar group) the milky way horse head galaxy the universe

what is the fastest orbit of any exoplanet?

555 days 12 days 3 days 2 days

what year is the final year of the cassini mission?

2016 2017 2024 3198

why does the moon always face the earth?

it is going to crash into the earth it is a Alien space craft its rotation and revolution is the same

what are the 4 galilean moons?

Ganymede,Io,Europa,callisto charon,Ganymede,Hydra,phobos moon,Io,deimos,Hyperion

how many stars are in the milky way?

400 billion 200 bliion 100 million 4 quadrillion

1. how many moons does jupiter have?

64 28 4

all the gas giants have rings? true or false?

true false