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Test: Gay/Straight Test SEE IF UR GAY/STRAIGHT (i'm not gay)

Category: Pop Culture

Description: Gay or Straight?

Keywords: Gay,Test

Gays Suck

True False

Do you sometimes go to Abercrombie?

Yes No What the **** is that?

If you were a girl, what would be your favorite part?

Wait, arent i a girl? Boobs Shopping Going into the Girls bathroom

Look At Your Fingernails. Are the front of ur palms showing?

Yes No

What kind of magizenes do u have

fastion Mad TV health PC/Gaming Girl Life I dont read magizenes

What do you do alot?

Go to the mall Go to town Go to a friends house/invite a friend over Have sleep over parties Stay home

Do You think your gay

Yes No Maybe

What is/would be your job?

Model Truck Driver Leader of a Gay Alliance

Do you prefer brothers or sisters

Brothers Sisters Nither

What kind of friends do u have?

Guys Girl Friends Gay Friends


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