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Test: Finish The Jesse Mccartney Lyrics

Category: Pop Culture

Description: Think you know the lyrics to all of Jesse Mccartney's songs? Take this little test and find out!


That was then, this is now, took some time to come around, all I wanna do, is try again, show you how, I know that it's all about giving attention to you..

I was a fool for way too long what you wanted I could not see That was then, this is now, took some time to figure out love is all you need It's the way she moves around when she grinds to the beat Baby I'm in need, I can't breathe, no I dont wanna be, without you

Under the silver stars..

It's like you came from mars Right where you want me Right where he broke your heart Girl you know I'll give you everything

Oh she, oh she so international, the way, the way she get on the floor..

Hey little chica from Gaundeloupe, that thing you got behind you is amazing I'm trying, I'm trying, to holler at you, I want, to get, to know you better Now, I don't speak spanish, ja*****e, or french, but the way that body's talking definetly makes sense Konichwa, come and move in my way

Reach out for a comfortable chair, rejoice a little arms in the air..

'Cuz it's the good life, so why y'all trippin', the good life's slippin away It I wear you I'd be takin' it easy, kick back and relax for a little while Yeah I'll still be here tomorrow You gotta find out what's your pleasure

Just charge it to account, I hope I haven't gone over my limit, with interest rates so swift, no need to scream and shout..

All I wanna do is please you, please myself by living my life too And all the stupid things I do have absolutely no reflection on how I feel about you Yes I recall, skipping on breakfast to play basketball No doubt it women are from Venus now, I'll get to them somehow

I'm confessing, I'm confessing so baby just hear me out, I'm confessing, I'm confessing, so baby just hear me ooout..

I wanna show my heart but I don't know where to start I love you, so I wanna know do you love me, too You're the one I want, and it's not just a phase I'm 'bout to break down baby I'm done

'Cuz we know that sun is shining, we'll keep driving, doesn't matter where..

We can go anywhere Gonna be so far gooooone 'Cuz we got that open highway, leading our way 'Cuz I know we're meant to be, so come with me

Girl, I'm gonna let you have you're way with me..

I've never felt the need to loose control When you move like that it's hard to breathe Baby don't be gentle, I can handle anything When I'm with you it feels so right

What's your name, what's your name, oh, I really wanna know, you got me going crazy and I want you more and more..

You know you got me trippin', thinking 'bout you day and night I see you at the mall you're hanging out with your friends Oh, hey, if only you could see, I want to get to know you and to get you knowin' me Oh, hey, this could be somethin', I gotta let you know the way I feel

She wore a cowboy hat with red prada boots, and a Gwen Stefani smile..

Then she turned around, she took me down and, just another day where I, had the best day of my life I guess it goes to show you never really know when everything's about to change She turned around and asked me if I could hang out for awhile Then she pulled out a pen and surprised me when she wrote a number on my hand

I been watching you, can't believe just what I'm seeing..

You been watching me, yeah baby better believe it If you want romance, here's your chance Just baby promise me, don't stop believing I'm gonna give it to you

Here's an easy one ;) I don't want another pretty face, I don't want just anyone to hold,

For all of the strength you need, you can come to me I don't want my love to go to waste, I want you and your beautiful soul You got me right where you want me I don't want wanna be alone

She had the minds of fire, the kind you can't put out..

She saw a sucker for love it turned my world around No need to scream and shout And I can't eat, can't sleep, I'm in too deep, woah-oh-oh-oh Woah-oh, I just can't let you go-oh

They got a lot of girls that dance on the millenium..

All you need is time But I prefer the way you do the way you move Shawty, let me whisper in your ear You're more then beautiful and I just wanna let you know, that all I ever need is what I got with you

She left me hangin' by a thread again, I stood there waiting like a fool for her..

I never dreamed that I'd be in this place, but here I am all alone Has anybody ever felt this way, has anybody been ripped apart It's not the first time that she's walked away, changed all our plans within the blink of an eye And now it's all a complete blur


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