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Test: Snake Quiz

Category: Outdoor Recreation

Description: All about snakes


How do snakes hear?

with thier tongue with there ears through vibration through there belly

Some snakes have remains of legs

True False

Are snakes related to lizards

Yes No

What does the snake use to smell

nose mouth Jacobsen's organ heat pits

Whats the scientific name for studying reptiles

reptileology snakeology exoticology Herpetology

snakes can have over 300 pairs of ribs

True False

Can spitting cobras inject there venom any other way, other than spitting?

Yes No

Corn snakes come in more than one colour

True False

What is the smallest snake

thread snake string snake cotton snake rope snake

Can snakes swim

Yes No

What snakes do people get mized up

burmese python and reticulated python viper and corn snake hognse and longnose king snake and coral snake

Whats the most venomous snake

common brown Fierce Snake taipan eastern tiger

There are over 3000 types of snakes in the world

True False

What Snake does not exist

Reticulated python wart snake banana snake ribbon snake

Snakes are slimy

True False


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Name That Reptileology True


Have Slimy Skin? False


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