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Test: Adirondacks High Peaks Trivia

Category: Outdoor Recreation

Description: Facts and Figures of the Adirondack High Peaks


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The hike of Mount Marcy requires a minimum round-trip of 14.8 miles. How many state highpoints require a longer hike than Mount Marcy?

1 5 10 25

This mountain contains very steep sections featuring cables to assist climbers:

Dix Colden Gothics Algonquin

The following quote... "Yesterday I ascended fourteen Adirondack peaks. Thus I have carried a little farther the fantastic pastime of record climbing, adding three to Malcolm's total of eleven. Perhaps within a few weeks, surely as soon as a few more mountains in the vicinity of Mount Marcy have trails cut on to them, somebody will readily enough overtop my record. Certainly it is a mark which any reasonably vigorous person in good physical condition can equal if he tries it when there are long daylight hours. In fact, it would fit perfectly in a class with flagpole sitting and marathon dancing as an entirely useless type of record, made only to be broken, were it not that I had such a thoroughly glorious time out of the entire day." is attributable to whom?

Robert Marshall Jim Colter John Muir Herbert Clark

How many peaks in the Adirondacks are 4000 ft or higher?

43 44 46 47

The highest lake in elevation above sea level in New York State is in the High Peaks. What is the name of this lake?

Saranac Lake Lake Tear of the Clouds Lake Placid Avalanche Lake

The highest mountain in the Adirondacks which is considered trail less (without maintained trails) is:

Gray Santanoni Redfield Allen

Herbert K. Clark, George Marshall and Robert Marshall were the first Adirondack 46ers, during which year did they finish?

1875 1905 1913 1925

The Adirondacks are estimated to be between 880 million to 1 billion years of age and are comprised mostly of metamorphic rock. Despite their tremendous age, the Adirondacks are still rising today at a rate of 1-3mm per year.

True False

At three days, seventeen hours, and fourteen minutes, who is the fastest to climb all 46 high peaks?

Ted Keizer Tim Seaver Dean Karnazes Jan Wellford

The Adirondack State Park is approximately the size of...

Yellowstone National Park Grand Canyon National Park Everglades National Park Glacier National Park Larger than all other choices combined

The following quote, ``Far above the chilly waters of Lake Avalanche at an elevation of 4,293 feet lies summit water, a minute, unpretending, tear of the clouds -- as it were -- a lovely pool shivering in the breezes of the mountains and sending its limpid surplus through Feldspar Brook to the Opalescent River, the well-spring of the Hudson,'' is attributable to whom?

Verplanck Colvin Mills Blake George Leigh Mallory Jedediah Smith

Who was known as 'The Hermit of Cold River'?

Noah John Rondeau Orson 'Old Mountain' Phelps Richard 'Red' Smith Alvah Dunning

Mt. Marcy is sometimes referred to as:

Tahawus Bark Eater Peak Au Sable Mountain Mt. Essex

With today's more accurate measurements, this peak would <b>not</b> be considered one of the 46 High Peaks:

Couchsachraga Nye Cliff Blake Peak

Name this mountain as seen from Skylight:

Colden Gray Haystack Marcy

Article 14 of the New York State Constitution was created on November 6th, 1894. This article states: "The lands of the state, now owned or hereafter acquired, constituting the forest preserve as now fixed by law, shall be forever kept as wild forest lands. They shall not be leased, sold or exchanged, or be taken by any corporation, public or private, nor shall the timber thereon be sold, removed or destroyed." This article assures the Adirondack Forest Preserve the highest level of protection for publicly owned lands in the country. This article is known as...

The Forever Wild Clause The Blue Line The Adirondack Park Agency The Forest Preserve Clause

In order to be considered one of the "High Peaks" each mountain must be at least ______ away from an even higher peak.

0.62 mile (1.0 km) 0.75 mile (1.2 km) 1.00 mile (1.6 km) 1.24 miles (2.0 km)

Name this lake as viewed from Fish Hawk Cliffs:

Lower AuSable Lake Long Lake Avalanche Lake Lake Colden

How many peaks in the Adirondacks are over 5000 ft in elevation?

2 3 5 9

This picture is taken from Iroquois. Which mountain is shown in the immediate background?

Colden Gothics Whiteface Algonquin


Yes they are haha (3) all four answers are correct (7) 42 peaks (16) Ted's time has been bested
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