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Test: metal test

Category: Music

Description: popular metal song test. this includes old songs

Keywords: metal epic death hardcore core deathcore

coheed and cambria make mostly metal:

True False

dream theatre is to prog as repetitive is to:

dragon force iron maiden any rap song avenged sevenfold

this is a question about and old metal song. who wrote ''round and 'round'?

Ratt L.A. Guns Faster Pussycat Dokken

complete this lyric from 'the trooper': you'll fire your musket _________'

but i'll run you through and then i'll poop on you then i will shoot you too but i'll just make fun of you

avenged sevenfold made:

a little piece of heaven down with the sickness welcome home scream aim fire

who wrote 'the Drudenhaus Anthem'?

Anorexia Nervosa Agathodaimon Antestor Arthemesia

complete this lyric from a little piece of heaven: (after she gets stabbed) 'now she's just so perfect i've never _____________"

been so ****ing deep in had so much damn free time felt so much freedom been so fat... lol

who wrote 'end of all hope' and 'amaranth'

Nightwish Within Temptation Epica Delain

who wrote 'The Trooper'?

Iron Maiden Black Sabbath Judas Priest Blaze

who wrote Panic Attack?

Dream Theater Liquid Tension Experiment Symphony X Pain of Salvation