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Test: metal test

Category: Music

Description: popular metal song test. this includes old songs

Keywords: metal epic death hardcore core deathcore

complete this lyric from a little piece of heaven: (after she gets stabbed) 'now she's just so perfect i've never _____________"

been so ****ing deep in had so much damn free time felt so much freedom been so fat... lol

who wrote Panic Attack?

Dream Theater Liquid Tension Experiment Symphony X Pain of Salvation

who wrote 'the Drudenhaus Anthem'?

Anorexia Nervosa Agathodaimon Antestor Arthemesia

this is a question about and old metal song. who wrote ''round and 'round'?

Ratt L.A. Guns Faster Pussycat Dokken

avenged sevenfold made:

a little piece of heaven down with the sickness welcome home scream aim fire

complete this lyric from 'the trooper': you'll fire your musket _________'

but i'll run you through and then i'll poop on you then i will shoot you too but i'll just make fun of you

coheed and cambria make mostly metal:

True False

who wrote 'The Trooper'?

Iron Maiden Black Sabbath Judas Priest Blaze

dream theatre is to prog as repetitive is to:

dragon force iron maiden any rap song avenged sevenfold

who wrote 'end of all hope' and 'amaranth'

Nightwish Within Temptation Epica Delain