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Test: The Drummers Test

Category: Music

Description: This test was designed to see if you are a drummer

Maple shells are better sounding then birch shells

True False Its all in Preference

Do you enjoy mostly hardcore or emo music styles?

Yes I am not aware of these music styles I Prefer not to listen to either of them

Do you own an electric drum kit????

Answer to the preffered Nope cos there the same as normal drum kits Whats the difference WTF is an electric drum kit Does it really matter

You practice drums Every day and you are not lazy.

True False

Which example of hoops are the strongest

Diecast Wood Pearl super hoops

How often do you preform in front of a crowd

Never Once a year Once a month Multiple times a month or week

Do you own a drum-kit?

Yes No

Drumming is mostly about, (best answer)

Being the fastest How loud you can play Dynamics, and knowing what to apply

Your main drum-kit has ... shells.

Fiberglass 4 or less ply Wood Purple I do not own drums.

Do you enjoy drumming?

Yes Not usually Sometimes...

Do you know about Maccaferri or a Selmer guitars?

Yes No

Can you and do you know what buzzing is?

Yes, but not very good Not familiar Yes, and i can very well in fact im better then most Yes i can do a buzz roll

If a drummer cracks Cymbals...

They play too hard They dont know what they are doing It happens and they have to deal with it The Cymbals are too big and they should get smaller ones

Which styles of music has better drumming

Metal, and Rock. Jazz, and Fusion. Trick Question.

Better drums have more wood in their shells

True False

Which is the following rudiment: LRLLRLRR

Double Paradiddle Flamadiddle Paradiddle Tap Paradiddle

Better drummers use gloves while drumming

True False

For the most part, African Shell drums compared to birch or Maple shell drums have more...

Loudness Attack Low end Nothing they suck.


bczach? the questions are given in random order, so, which question in particular? you can dispute it. with the "dispute" question button at the top. #6 is a stupid question and a matter of opinion.
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