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Nothing will last in this life Our time is spent constructing Now youre perfecting a world..

Lost within Unforgiven Meant to sin For an anarchist

Youre all by yourself but Youre not alone You wanted in Now youre here

Driven by hate consumed by fear I cry but theres no tears Raise your hand if youre a sinner Let yourself go my dear

Max Bemis of Say Anything covered a song belonging to..

Snoop Dogg Jay Z Old Dirty Bastard Raekwon

The previous lyrics were by...

Imogen Heap Trifecta Falls Billy Idol Billy Talent

I tripped Fell down naked I scratched my knees they bled Sew up my eyes Need no more

With this fame Im your ***** In our game, There is no score Its all the same, Life's a chore Forget my name, Forgive no more

I watch and stare as Roisins eyes Turn a darker shade of red And the bullet with this sniper lie

Sent her straight to hell In their gutless bloody cell In her still corpse now she's dead Deep within her head

Should they kill me your love will fill me As warm as the bullet Ill know my purpose This war was worth this

I wont let you down Well both go down I wont let you fall Ill remember you

Recently the death that occurred in Avenged Sevenfold was..

M. Shadows Johnny Christ Ringo Star The Rev

In one of Flogging Mollys videos Dave King is..

Dying Killing Masturbating Skateboarding

Dave Williams died of a drug overdose before his tour could end in Ozzfest

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