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Description: This will test your music concept knowledge


The instrument families are_________?

Strings, Brass, Percussion, Woodwinds Saxophones, Violins, Strings, Drums Drums, Brass, Percussion, Vocals

The Bass Clef or F-Clef is used for low voices or instruments.

True False

The Music Staff consists of 10 lines and 8 spaces

True False

The Treble Clef or G-Clef is used for high voices or instruments.

True False

Name the orchestral instrument families.

Brass, Woodwind, Percussion, Strings Brass, Plucked, Winds, Aeromaths Stringed, Percussion, Hit me, Mouth Pieces Percussion, Winds, Stringed, Brass colored

There are 6 instruments families.

True False

Studies show that studying music and playing an instrument is one of the few ways to use both hemispheres of your brain at the same time.

True False

There are sixteen strings on a violin.

True False

Most Brass instruments have three valves.

True False

_____________ _____________ Name the four spaces of the Treble Clef _____________ from bottom to top. _____________ _____________

A, C, E, D F, A, C, E C, R, A, P E, A, T, R

Most Musicians learn to play this instrument first.

The Harp The Drums The Recorder The Piano

Singers use the muscle called the diaphram to sing correctly.

True False

_________________ _________________ Name the five lines of the Treble _________________ Clef from bottom to top. _________________ _________________

G, B, D, F, A E, E, G, D, B E, G, B, D, F F, D, B, G, E

Most brass instruments typically have ___________.

4 Valves 3 Valves 72 utters 6 slides


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