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Chiodos is SOO Metal

Yes No

Hardcore is basically metal

True False

do you carry a weapon on you while out alone?

Yes No

Theres a fire down the street call 911.

Help put the fire out! Dont help, Fire is metal! Watch in sadness

Throwdown is HardCore!

True False

Metal is basically, hard to explain, chose the best answer

Welding Metal is fun! Too heavy for me to lift Crowbars plus violence Boring unless your in the mood


555 XXX 666

Do you bite bats heads off?(be honest)

Yes or Plan to Dont plan on it

Like school?

Yes No

You wear Metal Spikes... ever.

Yes Never

Name one Decapitated song.

Names Metal Beyond the Dark Sun Dead Bury Their Dead

Skinless is...

Folk Metal Death Metal Thrash Metal All of the above

Metal is for losers

True False

You hail Satan.

True False

You are in a Metal band (that does not include having breakdowns in every song)(sorry)

True False, my band has Frequent breakdowns though I am not in a metal band or any band at all.

If you are walking in the woods in the night with Fire as your light source and get cut by a branch, and bleed. what would you say

Ow Crap Thats Metal Say nothing because i would have a band aid on me

You can drink 100 Beers. Exactly. Exactly 100 beers.

Yes No Metalocalypse

Satanic Death Metal is not for you.

True False

Throwing Down is The thing to do at most shows.

True False Depends what the scene is doing

Do you sit in a Corner and cry, or get angry at something and inflict damage to yourself

Yes Fags

Trolls are Metal!

True False

Ska, Trance, or Street Punk

Ska Trance Street Punk other


Yes No


oh thats brutal Scott rules.
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