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Test: The Star Wars Bounty Hunters Test

Category: Movies

Description: Here is a test on the Enigmatic, Mysterious, Iconic Star Wars Villains For Hire!!!

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What future bounty hunter does nine year old Anakin Skywalker fight with while still on Tatooine?

Greedo Bossk Dengar Zuckuss

How many bounty hunters are present in Darth Vader's ship in Episode V?

Five Six Seven eight

What planet is the trandoshan bounty hunter Bossk From?

Kashyyyk Trandosha Yavin 5 Endor

When George Lucas was creating Boba Fett, What was the main color of his armor?

White Blue Green Red

Why does Dengar have all those bandages?

He was in a Swoop Bike accident He was attacked by a Maar'laas He was shot by storm troopers None of the above

What is the name of Bossk's father?

Cradossk Vossk Crussk Tossk

What is Jango Fett's Friend, Zam Wesell?

A Clawdite Shapeshifter A Derofit Shapeshifter A Gen'Dai Gand

What bounty hunter does Leia disguise herself as?

Boussh Boba fett Zuckuss Greedo

What type of ship does Dengar own?

Corellian Jumpmaster 5000 KORO-2 air speeder X-580 Warp 8 Jumper RED-94 Cryoban Stunner

What bounty hunter was a potential Jedi?

Aurra Sing Dengar Bossk Durge

What is the name Bossk's ship?

The Hound's Tooth The Mist Hunter Slave I The Saber Tooth

Boba Fett forms a partnership with another bounty hunter. Who is it?

Bossk Dengar IG-88 Zuckuss

How many times does IG-88 die?

Four Three Two One

What species of alien is Boussh, the bounty hunter?

Ubese Human Nikto Devaronion

No hunter shall what, in the Bounty Hunter's Creed?

Kill another hunter Die Kill their prey None of the above

What is the name of Greedo's cousin?

Beedo Veedo Weedo Zeedo


this was a tough test for me! but, who am I?
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