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Test: The Commander Fordo Test

Category: Movies

Description: A test all about Commander Fordo.


Relevant Website: www.wookieepedia.com

What is the name of his squad?

Muunilinst 10 Daakman-19 Barrek Coverteam-1 Alpha-3

Who voiced Fordo in The Clone Wars mini series?

Andre Sogliuzzo Dante Hughes Temeura Morrison Dominic Santiago

True Or False: Commander Fordo prefered to solve his problems through heavy weapon use rather than peaceful negotiaations or complex tactics.

True False

True Or False: Commander Fordo was given Jaig eyes after the battles of Muunilinst and Hypori.

True False

True Or False: For his great efforts, Commander Fordo was awarded the Chancellor's Service Medal which he refused and instead gave it to CT-43/002, a fallen member of Muunilinst 10.

True False

What is Fordo's squad number?

Alpha-77 Delta-19 Bravo-89 Foxtrot-34 Zulu-22 Charlie-12

True Or False: Commander Fordo was the only one in the Muunilinst 10 that wore crimson armor.

True False


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