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Test: Star wars test

Category: Movies

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Darth Chratis is a real star wars character.

True False

Who came first?

R2D2 C3PO They came at the same time

What species is Grievous?

kaleesh droid android human snake

How long did Palpatine live?

72 years 82 years 473 years 284 years

When did Grievous die?

432 BBY 19 BBY 3623 BBY 142 BBY

What is the first mandalorian species?

Taung Sith Human Wookie

Who was the last sith to live?

Darth Vader Palpatine Darth Chratis Darth Zion

Is Darth Zion a real sith?

Yes No

Grievous is an android.

True False

Who made Star wars?

George Lucas Hannah Montana Milo (on fish hooks)