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Test: Back To The Future

Category: Movies

Description: How well do you know the Movie??

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When Lorraine kissed Marty on the night of the dance, who did she say she felt like she was kissing?

her best friend her dog her brother her son

at the end of the movie why does Marty have to go back to the future?

to change his future to look at how his kids turn out to save his kids from what going to happen to see how the future looks

This Movie was filmed at Universal Studios?

True False

Michael J. Fox had to learn how to skateboard for this film?

True False

What was the name of the Dance that Lorraine and George first kissed at?

fish under the sea dance stars under the sea dance life under the sea dance under the sea dance

Who was casted as Marty Mcfly before Michael J. Fox?

Corey Haim Michael J. Fox Eric Stoltz Jim Carey

Steven Spielburg did Not direct this film?

True False

How much money did Biff say it costed him for the damage he said that Marty caused?

$100 $2000 $600 $300

What did Doc forget and had Marty bring to him at the mall?

Camera Jacket Video camera Wallet

What year was the movie released?

1980 1990 1985 1988

How did George and Lorraine meet?

Marty got them two together At the Cafe At the Dance Lorraines dad hit him with the Car

Doc is a scientist?

True False

How many MPH does the Time Machine have to reach to time travel?

88mph 66mph 90mph 10mph

What does Doc say you shouldnt know too much about?

the past your life your destiney the machine

What did Dark Vader tell George Mcfly he would do if he didnt ask Lorraine out?

That he would come and take him away That he would make him disappear That he would beat him up That he would melt his brain

What precautions did Marty tell Doc Brown to take on the night of 1985?

Dont go outside Wear a bulletproof Vest To get rid of the Time Machine Bring a gun

What Year did the Machine take Marty to?

1946 1960 1955 1950


under the sea was the most logical of all the incorrect options and should not be counted wrong Enchantment under the sea dance, you morons
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