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Test: Are you a true Mandalorian?

Category: Movies

Description: Find out if all you are is armor, or if you know your roots.

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What species were the original Mandalorians?

Human Trandoshan Taung Ithorian

Boba Fett had a grandson.

True False

Here's a harder one- Who is Jango Fett's adopted father?

Beriin Var'haayc Visla Fett Jaster Mereel Mirta Gev

Bardan Jusik is a Mandalorian.

True False

Who was given the nickname "Manda'lor the Exile"?

Jaster Mereel Manda'lor the Indomitable Manda'lor the First Boba Fett

Which of the following is NOT a Mandalorian Planet?

Concord Dawn Ordo Vel All of them are Mandalorian Planets

Fenn Shysa was a Manda'lor.

True False

What is Mandalore?

A Leader A planet A really big ship A starbase

Are you a Star Wars fan?

Yes No

What do Mandalorians value above all else?

Pride Honor Family War

Do you consider yourself a Mandalorian?

Yes No

Who is the oldest Human Manda'lor on record?

Canderous Ordo Manda'lor the Preserver Ung Kusp Jaster Mereel

Who is Demagol?

A general A scientist A Leader A soldier

What is Manda'lor?

A leader. A planet. A really big ship. A starbase.

What era did Demagol live in?

New Republic Clone Wars Galactic Civil War Old Republc


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