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Test: normal test

Category: Math

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if 1=5,2=10,3=15,4=20,5=?

1o 45 25 1

if 375/x=5 then x/25-3=0

True False

there are 2 poles , one 6m long other 11m long , the distance between there feet is 12m find the distance between there top

13m 17m 5m none of these

which of these is true

45=8787-8743 -45=-8872-(-(8787)) 54=9*8 1729=(10*10*10)-(12*12*12)-(1*1*1)+(9*9*9)+(10*10*10)+(9*9*9)

a child was writing numbers starting from one,when he reached 100 , how many digits he has writen?

if writes till 13 he has writen 17 digits.( read the question carefully) 192 189 102 100