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Test: The Hard Math Test 2

Category: Math

Description: Absolutely none of you passed the hard math test. They weren't trick questions. Yall are just... not smart.

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What is the sum of 50 and 81.

132 None of these answers are correct 88 131

Solve the following equation: 8-3

5 4 3 2

What is the some of numbers 1-10?

18 11 37 55

What is 2.41 minus forty-one cents?

$2.41 $2.00 Gallarsy $2.82

If you have 2 lollipops and you take away one, how many lollipops do you have?

2 3 4 1 0

What is 8X8?

16 24 68 64

What is 90-9?

51 81 77 83

How many questions are asked on 20 questions?

18 21 36 Drool


79 96 86 52

If 50 people left a parade, how many came back?

0 1 2 3 Necessary information is missing

What's 50-6?

44 54 48 31


Ugh, his tests are all the same. Whenever I randomly click answers, I always get a really low F. I just got a 9.09 Can nobody pass these IMPOSSIBLE Hard Math Tests!? Yup, I got a 45.45. I think iPiranna knew we couldn't pass with all those trick questions. Oh well. I keep getting the same 45.45! Uggh! It is like soooooooooooo frustratig. A 36! What! Now I'm gonna go try the first "Hard Math Test". -$olokid I got 9% HIGHER when I randomly clicked answers, and the higher score was 27% total. And I know I'm not stupid because my I.Q. is 143. The reason I took this test in the first place was to prove that Einstein could pass a "Hard Math Test", but now I am completely convinnced that he could not pass this. Hey M.D., Clicking like a madman to send you money.... sad about the test, though. I was sure I got more than 36%. Also, check the code. Your apotrophe was coming up funny. Cheers, Lee What kinda test are you runin'? This test is so hard Albert Einstein couldn't have passed it!
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