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Test: The Fifth Grade Graduation Math Test

Category: Math

Description: This test is for those fifth graders who want to test their wits. If you want to graduate with honors, take this test! 85% is passing by the way.

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If seventy-five girls can fit into an airplane that is fifty feet long, how many girls can fit into an airplane that is seventy-five feet long?

100 75 50 125

“In 1817, Beryllium was created. In 1829, Unuquandium was discovered. In 1898, Francium was discovered. In 1924, Carbon was created.” – According to this data, which element was discovered second?

Francium Beryllium Unuquandium Carbon

What number of the letters in the word “Agathokakological” are vowels?

8 9 6 7

Mrs. Best, a local private school teacher just ordered five new math workbooks. Mrs. Best has twenty-six students in both of her classes. How many more workbooks will Mrs. Best need to order so that all her students may have their own individual workbooks?

47 46 21 24

Three air bags are on board a plane. A compressor is someone who forces the air bags tightly into the frontal region of the plane. If four bags can fit into one slot of the plane’s frontal region, how many more are bags will the compressors need to fill six slots?

25 26 27 20

Of all the three digit numbers from 100 to 600, how many contain only one digit that is a four?

85 80 45 32

If it takes twenty minutes to boil an egg, how many minutes would it take to boil three eggs?

20 30 40 60

There are eighty-five words on a sheet of paper. Seventy-five of those words are scratched out. What percentage of the eighty-five words has not been scratched out? Round to the nearest whole number.

12 13 14 88

“Fourteen is said to be a lucky number. Any number up to 45 can be multiplied by fourteen and still be a luck number.” - Which of the following would not be a lucky number if the statement in quotes is true?

7 626 616 606

8897x7644 = _______

68008668 68006868 68008686 68006886

Perpendicular lines are lines that intersect and always make 90 degree angles.

True False

Book A has 756 pages while Book B has 544 pages. How many more pages will Book A have after one fourth of its pages are removed?

189 23 26 57 36 75

There is a total of nineteen questions on this test. What percentage of nineteen minus nine is 8?

61.65987834088587935637828472798 78 80.00 40.54237988994900989989893493554

How many weeks are in 84 months?

366 365 364 363

If Cody bought a twenty dollar jacket at nine percent off its original price, how much would he have to pay for the jacket (include a ten percent tax)?

$20.20 $2.00 $18.20 $4.20

If there are sixteen dogs on a seashore and five hide under the sand, how many dogs are left at the seashore?

11 16 17 18

Assuming that we are in the year 2036, what is the sum of the days in February and September?

60 59 58 57

An acute angle is an angle that is less than _____ degrees.

90 45 89.5 30

Perpendicular lines are lines that intersect and never make 90 degree angles.

True False


Not to sound rude or anything, but yes. In fact, I plugged in three or four tricks, just enough to keep math students who weren’t that serious from passing. If you know your math, though, you’ll pass. And to the guy below you, I’m sorry my test got you so worked up. It’s just a fifth grade test, don’t blow a gasket, sheesh! --Adex@ ADEXA, are there any tricks in this test? Cause I keep getting around 85, but can never pass, like the guy below me. The problem with this test is that 85 is passing, but you can’t get 85% because there’s only 19 freakin’ questions! Darn you, Adexa with your Crack-headed perpendicular line questions! I wish we could cuss on this site! Dang it! My kid got an 89.47. Well, he deserved to pass the fifth grade.
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