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Description: Originally I decided not to make one of these, but I just couldn’t resist. Take an I.Q. Test, and yes, I am certified to make one of these.

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A general LexDark 3000 printer can hold how many sheets of paper at one time?

A Lex-Dark printer is an uncommon name for a LexMark printer, which can hold 0-70 sheets at a time. 0-70 LexDark printers do not exist 47-94

How many pennies are in one dollar?

To be "in something" means to be lesser than something and only make up part of that substance. Either 47 or 34 pennies can be in a dollar, but 100 pennies are equal to a dollar, not les than a dollar, and therefore, are not truly "in" a dollar. 101 100 47 34

When did Christopher Columbus claim Spain for the new world?

He claimed Spain for the new world because he claimed the new world as a representative of Spain. So, in this sense, he did claim Spain for the new world. 1492 1616 1326 He didn't claim Spain, he claimed North America!

How many cells are in the human body?

Explanation Coming Soon. 66 trillion 56 trillion 46 trillion None of the above

The human body has a composition of about sixty-six trillion cells in it. Of that sixty-six trillion, what would be your approximate guess as to the amount of blood-filtering cells in the brain?

The brain does not contain blood-fitering cells. 0 2,683,984 3,000,000 300,273,134

The time on a clock is 6:30. What is the approximate measure of this angle in degrees?

The measure of the hands of a clock at 6:30 is a straight line, meaning that it is a 180 degree angle. 180 0 90 45

How many teeth are generally in a human body?

32 0 Sixteen 42

How many decimals can a graphing calculator hold?

1 16 9 15

What is the Muslim holy book?

Torah Ala'ah Roa Mosque None of the Above

Is Oceania located in the water, or on land?

Because the coast of Oceania frequently washes into land, "LAND" is the most accurate answer. Land Water

How many cells in the human body are blood-filtering cells?

Explanation Coming Soon. All cells that are not in the brain or legs All cells that are not in the brain or arms All cells that are not in the brain None of the above

How many decimals can a regulation calculator hold?

1 16 9 15

Is there a Fourth of July in the country of England?

The first two choices indicate the holiday "The 4th of July," which is not celebrated in the country of England. However, during leap years (and regular years), a fourth of July does occur. Furthermore, the choice that reads "During leap years" does not indicate the aforementioned holiday as strongly as the first two choices do. Yes No, it's the fourteenth During leap years

Ten euros are worth…

Because the value of the euro is always changing, we must estimate the value of the euro to the closest currency that is not a euro. The dollar is the only possibility in the choices. Therefore, ten euros is closest in value to ten dollars. Ten dollars Seventy dollars Seventeen dollars Ten euros It's impossible to tell

How much money is won on the television program “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”?

The dollar sign is not necessary because the word "money" was already said in the question. 1,000,000 $1,000,000 Nothing, the show ws cancelled

How many Fourth of July celebrations would be held in England after four years passed?

In this case, England refers to a city, town, state, or country that speaks English. America is one of those countries, therefore, the answer is 4. 4 0 3 2

"ANGLEDI." If you unscramble the letters in the word in quotes, what would you have?

To unscramble means to move each letter into its correct place. The correct place for the letter "I" is not in the word, and the correct place for the letter "N" is in two locations in the word. Therefore you must omit it and then unscramble the word to get "ENGLAND" A city A country A state A Continent

If the body lost 33 trillion cells, it would have lost ________ of it's cells.

Explanation Coming Soon. approximately 1/2 1/2 approximately 1/3 1/3

You are the driver of a car. You pick up three people from East Dale Mall, drop off two people at East Chase, pick up three hundred more people at IHOP, drop off two-hundred and ninety-nine people at Waffle House, and then go home. What is the bus driver’s name?

You cannot tell from the reading It's my name! Bill Jake

In King John's version of the Bible, what is the total number of pages?

Several kings named John have used a King James Bible, meaning that the Bible belonged to King John, or was "King John's Bible." There isn't a King John Bible, it's the King James! 1275 1414 1316


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