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Test: how black are you

Category: Mammals

Description: testing if you uhhh........welll........BLACK!!!

Keywords: BLACK

What time is it?

Peanut butter jelly 6:48 Jigaboo time anal discharge

what do you have for a stereo in your car??

8 track a stolen one it was stolen dont have a car im too black for this question

favorite old school game?

fried chicken!!!! supa mario super blackness 64 smokin crack!!!

What color is my butthole hair?

Apple sauce John wayne Black Womens rights

your favorite drink??

lemonade bong water grape soda koolaid purple drink anal leakage

are you black??

sure No

your favorite food??

grapes bannanas shrimp gumbo fried chicken dog cat human

Your favorite mythical creature

Cockatrice Hydra Batman A black guy Crack pipe Blue 23 HIKE

favorite color??

fried chicken black greeen purple dawg seven

apple a day keeps the black people away??

True False

favorite music??

rap metal sounds of the jungle jazz blues

dog or dawg

dawg dog fried chicken


martin luther king Jr. oprah rosa parks black people

do you have pork in your bowl

Yes No

what kind of backpack would you wear

fried chicken new york city abraham lincon batman apple sauce shrivled butthole

weapon of choice???

drum stick (the chicken kind) clamore bastard sword human sheild glass of koolaid oprah


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