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Test: Which pup is right for you?

Category: Mammals

Description: Find out which puppy is still waiting some where for you.


How do you feel about shedding...and about spoiling?

Well shedding is out of the question and as for spoiling a dog only needs attention and table scraps to be spoiled! Shedding doesnt bother me and my dog will be passed spoiled!!!! Uhhh well I dont have the money to spoil a dog but shedding doesnt completely bother me.... No prefferences.............and spoiling idk depends with what...........

Does this dog/puppy have to be a mellow dog?

Yes a mellow dog sounds good. No biting or scratching. Well the dog should play with its toys and not bite people if thats considered mellow then yes please. A dog should be able to run the house!!! No prefference.......

Does your dog have to have the compadablity to be smart?

Of course. A dumb dog would take to much time to train. And who knows if they will ever behave. My dog like I said before is going to be aloud off the leash. Well yeah I guess. It would help me out, but they don't have to be already trained or anything. Well it doesn't matter. I will just work with what I get. I mean even the dumbest dogs can be smart with the propper training. No prefference...

How should the dog be with other dogs?

My dog should act in a well behaved manner. Not like some mut. It should act as a romodel and not attack other dogs. Well the dog should play but not aggressively.A little nibble kind of bite here and there is aaceptable, but not persistant attacking and biting. My dog will be the boss and the other dog will know it and run away. My dog will be able to be let off the leash and just behave by command so I think that answers your question.

What is your size prefference for your dog/puppy.

Small because well thats all I think I can handle. Medium because umm well small dogs annoy me and large scare me. Large because I have no fear and want the king of all dogs. No prefference I would take what I get and just be happy.

Do you have kids and would you mind if the dog knawed at your kids heads?

Yes I have kids and yes I do mind if it knawed at its head. It has to have a good temperment! No I dont have kids, and a dog should have a good temperment anyway! No I dont and I think that would be funny. Yes I do and it would be enjoyable to watch. That will show them for whining and being bratty!!!

Does a dog/puppy have to be easy to housebreak?

Well if that is even possible hell yeah! Well it truly depends on the dog not breed so umm idk. Every dog can easily be housbroken there is just idiots who dont pay any attention to there dog and that is how housebreaking becomes difficult. No prefference................................