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Test: who are you most like?

Category: Humor

Description: three possible people... (for girls only)

Keywords: girls

Do you fake tan a lot?

YES!!! i do maybe once every two weeks or so... pfft! as if!

would you like to be a school teacher?

NO!!!!!! maybe yes.

would you dye your hair blonde?

no! i would look ridiculous yes. just a few streaks here or there... nothing BIG.

you're described as...

funny but down to earth outgoing and likable sweet and friendly

you like to wear...

something stylish and up to date it can vary! i don't mind what i wear!

do you love to dance?

YES! i love everything about dancing! mmm... not really. some aspects of it are good

are you healthy (usually?)

yes i would say i am uhh... sometimes! nope!