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Test: what do you know about the queen

Category: Humor

Description: answer whacky gross and popular questions about the queen behind the poshnes

Keywords: a word

Relevant Website: none

did she once throw a tantrum beacous she didnt want a lesson on latin

oh yes just cos shes the queen dosent mean shes a swot no how rude the thought of it

do you think the queen is sexy be honest

oh yeah shes well fit no shes wrinkly and old no way would i get in bed with her

the queen burped ot loud in the parament meeting on her (sarcasam) liquid gold drink

True False

when the queen was a teen ager did she bely dance to her suvant

oh definately how ridiculus no

has the queen ever farted

yes shes full of **** and gas so shes bound to surtanly not shes the queen i bet shes traind whilst young not to

when the queen when the queen went to the pub did she

use the loo go in just to mop her face on a napkin then leave get drunk meet an atractive king


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