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Test: the personal test, please take it because i'm really brade pitt

Category: Humor

Description: *whispers* im not brade pitt, im orlandoe bloom *whispers* p.s. this test has no grades and no wrong answers.

Keywords: personal emotianal noninapropriate thing. i promise,i cros mie hart and hoap two dye (my hair blonde)

is this a cool test?there is no wrong anwser.

yes no(this is the wrong anwser) i loved it i hate it

Have you ever scratched your butt in public?

Yes No

If you had a leperachaun, what would you name it?

Bubble gum, says yum, yum, yum. the same name as the girl of my dreams. Fred, or maybe henry, ooh-ooh or Bob! Nothing because leperachauns aren't real. Are they?

does your butt itch?

yes no occasionally ,but yes how did you know

What is the most disturbing dream you've ever had?

Well if you must know- Hey your not getting anything out of me you alien s***!!! There was one of those horse rides, you know, the ones where you stick a quarter in and... It was terrible! I was in..SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the one were you fall off the empire state building

do you like pie?

chocolate blue berry pie, i could never eat such athing other

if you had to kiss someone ,who would it be?

a pretty stranger your girlfriend your mom Aunt Ruth (yeah, the one with the beard)

do you like chuck noris?

yes no if he ever got haircut i would(that goes for chest too) hes ok but we both know i'm better