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Test: the personal test, please take it because i'm really brade pitt

Category: Humor

Description: *whispers* im not brade pitt, im orlandoe bloom *whispers* p.s. this test has no grades and no wrong answers.

Keywords: personal emotianal noninapropriate thing. i promise,i cros mie hart and hoap two dye (my hair blonde)

What is the most disturbing dream you've ever had?

Well if you must know- Hey your not getting anything out of me you alien s***!!! There was one of those horse rides, you know, the ones where you stick a quarter in and... It was terrible! I was in..SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the one were you fall off the empire state building

if you had to kiss someone ,who would it be?

a pretty stranger your girlfriend your mom Aunt Ruth (yeah, the one with the beard)

do you like chuck noris?

yes no if he ever got haircut i would(that goes for chest too) hes ok but we both know i'm better

is this a cool test?there is no wrong anwser.

yes no(this is the wrong anwser) i loved it i hate it

Have you ever scratched your butt in public?

Yes No

do you like pie?

chocolate blue berry pie, i could never eat such athing other

If you had a leperachaun, what would you name it?

Bubble gum, says yum, yum, yum. the same name as the girl of my dreams. Fred, or maybe henry, ooh-ooh or Bob! Nothing because leperachauns aren't real. Are they?

does your butt itch?

yes no occasionally ,but yes how did you know