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Test: straight test

Category: Humor

Description: how staright are you

Keywords: straight

your siting at a bar when you notice a girl looking at you so you then......

yell what the hell are you lookoing at? throw penuts at her go up to her and say do you have mirror in your pants, because i want to stick my ***** in your vigina? start dancing

Austin's GAY whats your response

queer... let's have us a fag drag you mean ****sexuals yeah , he and i go dancing every saturday

what kind of pants do you wear?

shorts non-tight jeans tight pants dance'in with no pants

how much do you have ***** in your mouth weekly

never! a couple times everyday 2-3 times daily

why do you go to the pool?

SWIMMING HELL YA! because park bathrooms are nasty half naked chicks water dancing

what kind of club do you go to?

gay club strip club a and b at the same place dosent matter as long as im dancin