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Test: r u nasty

Category: Humor

Description: see if your sweet or nasty

Keywords: nasty

yo best friend a nasty

True False

its ok 2 get preg. @ 13

True False

hav u ever got preg.

Yes No

wen u wer 12 did u hav sex

Yes No

do u hav friends that never got preg.

Yes No

yo boyfriend rent a room 4 only u n him wat do u do

go with him but dont do anything make lov wit him the worst u can get is aids dont go break up

if your 14 in yourboyfriend 19 wat do u do

dump him dont go wit him in da 1st plece fall in lov hav kids

if a boy ask u 2 get into bed wat do u do

say ok run your already in ther so u stay call your mom


what the hell i got 75% does that mean i'm nasty? RUDE! 62.5???
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