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Test: idiot test

Category: Humor

Description: r u an idiot? find out today!!


if 2+2=3 what does 5+5=?

6 9 4 78

what is 1000+10+1000+20+1000+30+1000+40= i bet you can't get this one!!!

5000 4200 4100 600000 100010100020100030100040

your mates can be boring

True False sometimes...

do you like cookies?

Yes No only geeks like cookies

does 1+1=window

Yes No

ok then if you think you have done well in the test so far click the "yes" answer if not click "no"

yes i have done well so far! no i have done rubbish so far! meh... highest score ever!!!!!

is a giraffe 1mm tall?

True False How should i know?!

should i have porridge or cookies for my breakfast?

porridge! naw, the cookies are a much better choice! trick question yet again! why dont you just have something normal for a change!

if bread goes into a toaster what comes out?

toast! bread! waffles! sun ripened tomatoes cookies!

your little brother gets drunk at new years eve parties and starts singing cliff richard songs

True False my little brothers only 3!

this question holds no information, nothing at all!

Yes No

what is a tomato?

fruit vegetable trick question

you have probably thought that this test is really boring but now im going to get your brain working!!!!

FINALLY! aw great...


I just want to take the sample written drivers test.