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Test: how well do you know your sport's?

Category: Humor

Description: sports!!


who won the fifa?

spain ky switzerland russia

how many innings are in a baseball game?

9 11 7 8

whose the colt's quarterback?

peyton manning tom brady brett favre michael jordon

what team is lebron james trading to?

heat cavaliers trailblazers mavericks

does peyton manning have a brother that also plays in the nfl?

Yes No

is tiger woods black?

Yes No

how many points is a normal basket worth? a free throw?

2,1 1,4 3,2 2,3

who won the nba playoffs?

lakers celtics suns bulls

who won the 2009-2010 super-bowl?

saints steelers colts cardinals

how many points are a goal worth in soccer?

1 6 4 2

all sports have out of bounds

True False

national ****ing leauge (nfl)

True False

how many periods are in a basketball game?

4 7 9 2

what hockey player married carrie underwood?

mike fisher jerald flat ben jetter bob anderson

what is the difference between tiger woods and santa claus?

santa stops at three ho's tiger's black santa's cool