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Test: how countrified are you?

Category: Humor

Description: comical


do you live in a trailer?

Yes No

do you have a belt buckle that is bigger than your fist?

Yes No

do you speak with a country accent?

Yes No

what type of dog do you own?

hunting lab mutt chiauha i don't own one (eww) i am a cat lover

do you own a pair of over-alls?

Yes No

have you ever been to a bomb fire?

Yes No

do you know every word to atleast 7 country songs?

yes no

do you talk using slang?

Yes No

do you go frog-gigging?

Yes No ??? puke

who is your favorite female country singer?

carrie underwood taylor swift lady gaga rihana

what is your ideal movie?

cowboy up flicka 2 fast 2 furious drum line

do you have 4-wheel drive on all of your vehicles?

Yes No

what does "KJRA" stand for?

kentucky junoir rodeo association kansas jumping rope association kinky jeans ran away kentucky janitor remission association

who is your favorite nascar driver?

jimme johnson dale jr. jeff gordon tony stewart

do you own non-working atvs?

Yes No

do you play beer-pong?

Yes No

do you go hunting or fishing in your free time?

Yes No

have you ever been able to make a redneck joke at your family?

Yes No

you have to have a fishing license if you are over 10?

True False i don't know

do you own a farm?

Yes No

do you have balls hsnging from your hitch on your truck?

Yes No

do you have a rebel flag assecory?

Yes No

what is the most durable brand of boots?

ariat wal-mart!!!! justin cowboy (yee-haa)

what did you name your dog?

hank princess diego hannah

do you name your dog(s) after famous country singers?

Yes No

do you have any vehicles that aren't cars, trucks, etc.?

Yes No

how many times a month do you wash your car?

never dirt is my decal 8 4 1 15

do you have a cow bell on your hitch on your truck?

Yes No

what is the best type of beer?

bud light corona cools light budwieser

do you own any livestock?

Yes No

do you go to tractor pulls on weekends for fun?

Yes No

do you enjoy mudding as a weekend trip?

Yes No eww dirt

which resteraunt would you prefer?

cracker barrel el braceros homestead red lobster i am a hobo i don't go out to eat

what is the most durable type of vehicle?

chevy ford dodge nissan bmw mercedes benz

what state do you live in?

kentucky chicago texas wisconsion florida

who is your favorite country male singer?

50 cent george strait willie nelson justin bieber

do you own a inflatable boat?

Yes No

how many acres is your farm?

450+ 300+ 2 160-200 i live in the city

are you now or have ever been amish?

Yes No

do you live on a lake?

Yes No

what is your favorite design template?

camo polka dots plaid stripes diamonds left over crusted on food rust

do you tailgate at football game?

Yes No

does your momma cook cornbreaded chicken?

Yes No

do you or have you ever been accused of being a hillbilly/redneck?

Yes No

what name would you choose to name your child?

betty-jo/billy-jo angel/angela trey/tory bailey/haley

if you own a boat what kind?

aluminum grandma boat house boat ford yacht

what type of farm equiupment do you own?

john deere case cub cadet farmall kubota i don't own one

what number is dale earnhart jr.?

8 46 78 88

what is the best brand of clothing(outdoor)?

carhart trails ends berne adidas aeropastle nike justin

do you travel to foreign countries?

Yes No