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Test: how clean is your mind????

Category: Humor

Description: perverted as hell


what do you call a male's sex prevention tool?

plastic jimmy hat a rubber condom

when you are alone on the computer what do you look up?

economic support services pornography myspace youtube

what is the correct term for pubic hair?

bush pubes (southern) afro ewwww

was this a good test?

Yes No

is prostitution illegal?

Yes No

what do you think of piercings in private area?

inapropriate soooo hot is it going to scratch my **** when i do her is there a tattoo?

cheating is alright if you have good reasoning.

True False

the term knocked up means having an orgasm.

True False

what is the perfect sex toy?

that is not for me a carrot whip action figure

what do you think the meaning of the song "birthday sex" is?

saying happy birthday in a passionate way to someone you love deeply having sex on your birthday giving sex as a present on someones birthday banging a random girl

what do you first think of when you see a girl eating a banana?

she is healthy that could be my **** she has experienced DAMN

what is the first thing you think about when you see a (hot) female?

personality eyes ass how good is she in bed

when you go to a movie rental store what is the first section you go to?

family comedy (all ages) horror ADULT action

what would you call a woman's chest area?

knockers tits breast boobs

what do you think about lap dances?

totally inapropriate oh yeah only if i can bang her afterwards fast and easy way to get boners!!

is public sex apropriate?

Yes No

there are two lesbians making out on a park bench and you spot them. what do you do?

call the cops ask if you can join stare take them home and make a video

what do you do after a one night stand?

i don't have those (gross) go back for seconds leave the ***** go out and get another

having sex before marriaga is okay.

Yes No

what starts with F and ends with UCK?

firetruck **** frouk eeh?

what do you talk about when you are with your friends?

how you can better yourself who you want to do or did who you got with what time practice is

what would you call a man's private area?

**** pecker ***** coq

what would you call a woman's private area? (southern one)

vagina milf pussy v-jaja

what do you call sexy underwear?

lingeria tooth floss panties boxers

what is the correct term for the white stuff that comes out the *****?

sperm *** sqeet what?

what do you call an excited male's private part?

erection boner pecker rod

what do you call a person that accepts money for sex?

your mom prostitute hooker a ****

what is the correct term for the male's scrotum area? (downstairs)

testees sac balls nuts

whay term do you use when you refer to sex?

****ing banging screwing making love

what is the first word that comes to your mind when you see a carrot?

what a healthy snack how can i utilize this for fun practice tool for *******s rabbit bait

what do you call when a girl is dancing on your junk? (frontside)

inapropriate grinding/bumping hell yeah mofo dirty dancing

what is your favorite scent of ky yours & mine?

disgusting intense eeh? what does "ky" stand for?


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