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Test: do u know ur real world show?

Category: Humor

Description: based of the tv show


which 2 people in the house have the most "fueds"?

preston & ryan knight & ryan sahar & eric jemyne & knight

what did preston do to ryan after theyre big arguement?

peed on his toothbrush beat him up stole his money nothing

wwho in the house is gay?

preston ryan knight eric

which roomate has a country/southern accent?

jemyne ashlee sahar mackenzie

what sport did ashlee play recently before she came to new orleans?

basketball softball soccer tennis

the show is taking place in new orleans

True False

was knight jemyne's "first white boy"?

Yes No

what was ryans's job before he came to new orleans?

hairdresser cashier salesperson skateboarder no job

which 2 roomates havin been sleepin together?

knight & jemyne mackenzie & ryan sahar & eric preston & ashlee

what sport does knight play?

hockey football baseball wrestling


wonderfull. do you have an account in the facebook??????????