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Test: do u know ur american pie?

Category: Humor

Description: american pies


whats an event that was in the boner competition?!?;)

ring toss hula-hooping wack-a-mole

who did eric leave for his gf back home?!?

brandy amanda brittany ashley

Eric is still in high school as of the latest american pie

True False

eric is not a virgin!?!

True False

what were the games/competitons called at the end of american pie: beta house??

greek olypmia final four kkk road rage

how did eric's grandmother die?

shot by *** brain hemirage fell down stairs

the Beta House is a ....?

fraternity fundraiser hangout school club

which american pie had the most nudity???? (think outside the box lol)

the naked mile band camp beta house reunion

is eric a red head

Yes No

Eric ran in the naked mile

True False

stifler is eric's......

cousin brother friend uncle

what is one activity in the Greek Olympia?

undoing bra straps judging boob sizes judging if boobs are fake or real guessing panty colors

Brandy, in american pie: naked mile, is in a ....?

soriority camp fraternity nothing special

what is Cuis's nickname?

cuismaster cuisy warrior none of the above

has there ever been an american pie in which all of the main characters lost their virginity on prom night?

Yes No

what was the final and main event in the Greek Olympia?

getting lap dance without ejaculating getting handjob without boner staring contest PERVE!!!

how many tasks did the pledgers have to complete in one semester?!? (beta house)

50 25 40 85

brandy was eric's first

True False

what name is an all-time tradition in all american pies?

stifler stanley stevenson stewart


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Pie Beta House Boobs


Boobies Naked Mile Only


Lap Dancers Dance Contest


Win The Greek Games


What Is Name Of


6 With Most Wins


All From Boner Plays