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Test: are you a tomboy?

Category: Humor

Description: cool quiz


You see a bug on the floor at school, All the girls are freaking out. What do you do?

pick it up and get rid of it scream and run away step on it uggggg!!! bugs bug?

wats your favorite color?

pink blue green yellow

u fart and burp like a boy

True False Afraid not

wats your favorite sport?

basketball football soccer track

how do wear your hair most of the time to school?

ponytail straightened pigtails curled

do you have a 6-pac?

Yes No maybe? wat r u? a stalker?

would you prefer to wear t-shirts, dress shirts, or collar shirts?

t-shirts dress/nice shirts collar shirts i dont wear tops

whats your ideal car?

sports car SUV trucks im too poor to own a a car

u own a wrestling game

True False

wat size bra do you wear?

nonya buiz a b c+

do you have a gokart, 4wheeler, dirt bike, etc.?

Yes No

do u like dresses or skirts??

Yes No hell naw!

what favorite was you chosen for at your school?

most athletic most dependable neatest most talented i wasnt chosen- imma loser

do you prefer skirts, capris, jeans, or basketball shorts?

skirts capris jeans bball shorts i dont wear bottoms underwear


im a tomboy i wear basketball shorts and i hang with guys all the time i have more guy friends than girlfriends plus there all girly anyways so it doesnt really mater to be and im obbsessed with sports and video games
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