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Test: Who do you think you are?.?.?

Category: Humor

Description: Awk.


If you got married would you want a woman with:

Large tits Nicely trimmed vagina with flat chest 40 pounds over weight with great sex I don't ****ing give a ****

You have sexually fantasized about a girl at school (I.e) licking her vagina with a deep passion

Yes No

Pussy is pussy. Even with a 500 pound woman.

True False

Being gay is ok.

True False

People think your cool

Yes No

Does your mom know that your gay?

Yes No

You are going to be raped. But, you have two choices: 1) you get raped by a man in the ass, but you live a normal life after, plus you have rape insurance so you get 1 million dollars. 2) Get shot in the head.

1. 2.