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Test: Who do you think you are?.?.?

Category: Humor

Description: Awk.


People think your cool

Yes No

You are going to be raped. But, you have two choices: 1) you get raped by a man in the ass, but you live a normal life after, plus you have rape insurance so you get 1 million dollars. 2) Get shot in the head.

1. 2.

Being gay is ok.

True False

You have sexually fantasized about a girl at school (I.e) licking her vagina with a deep passion

Yes No

Does your mom know that your gay?

Yes No

Pussy is pussy. Even with a 500 pound woman.

True False

If you got married would you want a woman with:

Large tits Nicely trimmed vagina with flat chest 40 pounds over weight with great sex I don't ****ing give a ****