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Test: What would you do if you met a Zombie?

Category: Humor

Description: says it all in the name


If A zombie walked up to you and stood there and stared at you, what would you do?

Pull the Knife from the front of your pants and slit its throut. Realise its a woman and capture it. Run away, screaming like a little girl. Kick it in the nuts and back-hand it in the face. Feel like you've had enough of htem biting so you bite its neck and take a huge chunk out. Pull off its own arm, punch it with it and say repeatedly 'stop hitting yourself fool!' Share your human flesh sandwich with it but then tell it its not human but cow :D shake its hand and greet it. Give it back is junk mail. Poke its eye's out and give him a spank'in


u suck! Hahahahahahahahahahaha! ^o^