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Test: What will my nipples look like as i get older?

Category: Humor

Description: this is a good test


do your nipples get hard on a cold rainy day?

Yes No

do you wanna take me to me candy shop?

Yes No Ill take you to the meat shop

How big are your boobs?

a handful less than a handful more than a handful I cant grab them because they poke me

whats your race?

asian black white power mexican

your boobs have milk?

True False

do you have hairy nips?

Yes No

mushroom stamp on boobs?

Yes No

How long do you massage your nipples at night?

5-10 minutes 1 minute Gets the job done till i rub them raw

would you enjoy being ***** humped?

yes no depends on my mood guys complain cause its pokey i cant

was that last question offensive?

Yes No


kennys gay
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Do Your Nipples Get


When You Rub Them


Older Harder? My Bigger


Look At Nipple Ways


Older? How Massage What