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Test: The dumbo Test

Category: Humor

Description: Enjoy this tough test. It is a prelude to my new test series to come. Create 7/23/08.

Keywords: Dumb tests, drivers tests, drivers test, smart test

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What is a greenhouse made of?

Glass Smoke Bricks Fishes

A rancher has 9 cows, 10 sheep, 5 earthworms, and 11 dogs. Lightning kills all but 9 of his cows. How many bolts of lightning hit the ranch?

None of these answers are correct 31 - 9 = 22. Nine of the thirty-one were left alive. Enough bolts hit to kill 22 of them. He has 5 earthworms left He has 11 sheep left

When you steal from your house, how many years in jail do you get?

None of these answers are correct You don't, you pay a $500 fine 5 years 6 years 8 years

Why do marbles that are blue turn pink in the sunlight?

They don't Iridescent colors are inside them That is unexplained None of these answers are correct

What is a bluehouse made of?

Smoke Bricks Glass Fishes

In the game "Kirby" whif the following is a fake power?

Rock Ice Parasol Freeze

What is a redhouse made of?

Bricks Glass Fishes Smoke

What is a whitehouse made of?

Fishes Smoke Glass Bricks

Is Carson city the capital of Nevada?

Yes No

If pigs could fly, then what coud dogs do?

Crawl Fly hoot Shoot lasers out of their eyes.

A U.S. dollar was melted down into liquid gold. It ranged from $1.54 in value to $0.59. What is the average of its worth?

$0.00 $1.07 Walrus $1.06


This test is a good intro to the next series of tests concocted by ipiranna. They're harder now because you can't view the correct answers. I'm giving it another go!
Dumbo Test