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Test: The dumbo Test

Category: Humor

Description: Enjoy this tough test. It is a prelude to my new test series to come. Create 7/23/08.

Keywords: Dumb tests, drivers tests, drivers test, smart test

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Why do marbles that are blue turn pink in the sunlight?

They don't Iridescent colors are inside them That is unexplained None of these answers are correct

What is a greenhouse made of?

Glass Smoke Bricks Fishes

A rancher has 9 cows, 10 sheep, 5 earthworms, and 11 dogs. Lightning kills all but 9 of his cows. How many bolts of lightning hit the ranch?

None of these answers are correct 31 - 9 = 22. Nine of the thirty-one were left alive. Enough bolts hit to kill 22 of them. He has 5 earthworms left He has 11 sheep left

A U.S. dollar was melted down into liquid gold. It ranged from $1.54 in value to $0.59. What is the average of its worth?

$0.00 $1.07 Walrus $1.06

When you steal from your house, how many years in jail do you get?

None of these answers are correct You don't, you pay a $500 fine 5 years 6 years 8 years

What is a bluehouse made of?

Smoke Bricks Glass Fishes

In the game "Kirby" whif the following is a fake power?

Rock Ice Parasol Freeze

What is a redhouse made of?

Bricks Glass Fishes Smoke

Is Carson city the capital of Nevada?

Yes No

What is a whitehouse made of?

Fishes Smoke Glass Bricks

If pigs could fly, then what coud dogs do?

Crawl Fly hoot Shoot lasers out of their eyes.


This test is a good intro to the next series of tests concocted by ipiranna. They're harder now because you can't view the correct answers. I'm giving it another go!
Dumbo Test