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Test: The Super Extremely Reliable Stupid Test

Category: Humor

Description: Are you truley stupid?


How much is the earth made up of water?

73% 34% 6% i dont know

What is 39+5-6=?

68 50 The answer is not here toast

You see someone with long hair. You assume its a hot chick, but you aren't sure. What would you do?

Go up to them, and say "Hey beautiful, whats your number?" Just walk by to see Stop looking! None of the above Both "just walk by to see", and " stop looking."

You are driving a bus. 5 people get on a Engelsworth.18 people get off at Edenwood.1 person gets off at Edinburg, then gets back on. 7 people get off at Alberto. 8 people get off at Dublin. What is the driver's name?

pie It doesnt say. My name WTF? Is that even a question? (yes, it is)

what type of food is a tomato?

a fruit a veggie red and weird wtf

What do you put in a toaster?

Toast Bread Muffins hi!


ya ya im crazy im kanye west i got my shutter shdes im mr. coldhearted jk i luv usher and neyo bf like kanye idk y he do thou and im bored so i blab wen im bored haha i got promlems i no **** skool gonna start.............bye. I liked this test...TOAST!!!
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