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Test: The Sense Test

Category: Humor

Description: Many of you were baffled by the partially unfair "Dumb People Fail" tests. I assure you, this test is nothing like that. You'll probably still fail it, though. Try it out.

Keywords: Dumb Tests, Drivers tests, People, Places, the, a, an, Grabber, ddd, other

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The average American male is _____ inches height.

None of these answers are correct 6 foot 3 5 foot 4 6 foot 8

You are flying alone to New York. Who is the pilot?

Necessary information is missing You Your Mom Your Dad

How do you make cookies?

Cook them Eat them Shake them None of these answers are correct

How do you get out of a car that you are locked inside of? By the way, you have no keys.

None of these answers are correct. Use your key. Use a bomb Unlock the door

How many keys do you need to get inside Ralph's house?

1 2 3 Necessary information is missing

To pass a driver's test in California, you must answer at least _____ questions correctly.

80% of the 29/36 21/28 18/28

Xanga is a copy site. What popular website is it copying?

myspace girlJOURNAL Face book It is nota copy site

How many continents are on the Earth?

5 8 Walrus 6

To get a job, a person must be how many years old?

14 and zero months 14 and two months 14 and four months 14 and three months 15 and eight months

If the Vice President died, who would be the President?

The Speaker of the House The President The President Pro Temp. The party whip

How many quarters are in an American football game?

3 4 5 6