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Test: The Redneck Test

Category: Humor

Description: See if you really are a redneck by taking this test!

Keywords: redneck quiz test country

Think about your first name, or what people generally call you. Is it two names combined? Such as Lee Ann or Billy Jo.

Yes No

What does the number of points mean when referring to a buck?

The amount it will cost to haul out The number of "points" on the set of antlers The weight divided by 25 is the number of points The quality and potential value of the venison

Do you have JB Weld in your glove box?

Yes No

What is your vehicle of choice?

Car Sport Utility Vehicle Truck Van

Do you own any vehicles that are not in running condition?

Yes No

Toby Keith is a famous:

Singer NASCAR Driver Comedian Actor

Who sung about killing a man (in Reno) just to watch him die?

Johnny Cash Merle Haggard Willie Nelson Kris Kristofferson

Do you know how to operate a tractor or backhoe?

Yes No

Have you ever been to a tractor pull?

Yes No

Have you ever been to a rodeo?

Yes No

Have you ever (intentionally) bred dogs?

Yes No

Do you have a four-wheeler or snowmobile?

Yes No

Would you rather live in an apartment or a trailer?

Apartment Trailer

Where is the Grand Ole Opry located?

New Orleans, Louisiana Atlanta, Georgia Asheville, North Carolina Nashville, Tennessee

Is your favorite sport football?

Yes No

Do you own any jeans with a Skoal can imprint worn into them?

Yes No

Have you ever tried chewing tobacco.

Yes No

Do you have city water or well water?

City water Well water

FFA stands for:

Family Farming Association Family Faith Academy Future Farmers of America Female Farmers of America

Do you have a belt buckle with your name on it?

Yes No

Have you ever vacationed in Daytona Beach, Florida?

Yes No

What type of fish is this?

Sunfish Trout Largemouth Bass Perch

Have you ever been to a monster truck or "fake" wrestling event?

Yes No

Richard Petty's number _______ and Dale Jr's number _______.

13 and 53 33 and 88 43 and 8 8 and 3

The "Redneck Riviera" is located in:

Biloxi, Mississippi Daytona Beach, Florida Galveston, Texas Panama City, Florida


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